Consultation Information 2023

Consultation Information 

Proposal to convert into a Multi Academy Trust

and the consultation process

The proposal is to join Cheshire Academies Trust (CAT), a Multi Academy Trust, whose current academies are Kelsall Primary School, Manor Park School and Nursery, Mill View Primary School, Boughton Heath Academy, Bexton Primary School and Gayton Primary School.

We are choosing to make this proposal as a positive way forward for our school which will enable us to continue to improve the opportunities we provide for our children. This is a well-established multi academy trust and involves the schools named above; there is no external sponsor and they are eager for us to join them.

Academy status is becoming more common both nationally and locally with Government encouragement of maintained schools and single academies to become part of Multi Academy Trusts. Making this change now means that we can choose how we want our school to develop. Converting from a Single to an Academy within this Multi Academy Trust will:

  • Give us greater freedoms in developing the school curriculum to make sure that it is personalised to the needs of our students to ensure they are inspired and motivated to succeed.
  • Enable us to work together more effectively to improve the quality of teaching and learning, particularly as the national arrangements change, for example in the way in which children are assessed.
  • Build strong links between our schools and enable us to share best practice and expertise, for example in governance, estates management, bid writing – e.g. for money to make improvements to school buildings and financial planning.
  • Enable us to support each other recognising areas of strength to support areas that require development.
  • Increase the flexibility of use of our school budget and funds to give us more freedom to spend it to best meet the priorities of the school and our pupils.

This letter is to notify you that we will be submitting an application to seek approval from the Regional School Commissioner to join the aforementioned MAT. Due diligence will take place over the coming months and if this does not raise any serious concerns or issues then we anticipate formally converting to an academy in Spring 2024.

Formal Consultation Process

As always your thoughts and views are important to us.  We have put a FAQ sheet regarding academy conversion onto the school website (and attached it with this letter) and we believe this sheet will answer a number of questions you may have. We have also set up a dedicated email address for you to send any questions you may have (that may not be covered in the FAQ sheet). The address is We will collate all questions or comments raised and provide answers to these to our community of parents/carers, staff etc. Please note that there will not be a reply on an individual basis.

Whilst we see real benefits in working more closely together as a Multi Academy Trust, any changes are likely to be behind the scenes. You and your children will see little visible difference if we do make the decision to become part of the MAT. The name of the school will stay the same; the uniform will not see any further changes to those we have recently introduced and we will not change the school’s admissions policies. All children and all members of staff will continue to be part of our school as they are now.

The Trustees believe that Academy status within this Multi Academy Trust is the best way to support the school in continuing to develop and improve, and that working together within the Trust will bring benefits to teaching and learning and thus on your child’s achievement. We hope that you will continue to give all stakeholders your support.

Yours sincerely

Ian Percival

Chair of Governors

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