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ClassDojo is a communication platform that connects schools and families throughout the school day. ClassDojo has features such as story feeds, messages, photos, and points sharing valuable information and moments from the classroom to home. Over Hall Community School use this in conjunction with Schoolgateway and School Spider to make sure our parents/carers are as closely involved with their children’s school lives as possible.

Families can connect using their computer, or any iOS or Android device, click here for a tutorial on setting up a ClassDojo account.

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  • A story feed includes the whole school story, displayed as the teacher sending the story and Over Hall Community School, and the class story, displayed as the teacher sending the story and class. 
  • School stories help teachers share information and connect to all families within the school community, whilst the class story helps teachers share information connected with only their class. 
  • A single account lets families with one or more children stay connected with multiple classes as well as the whole school story. 
  • Instant updates of information, messages, photos, and points are made via the platform throughout the school day. 

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  • The ‘kids’ screen lets families add or remove children, log into their child's account, and view their points report for the past two weeks. 
  • Each child is provided with a monster avatar, these can be customised but only by the child via their account.

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  • Teachers use ClassDojo to promote positive behaviours throughout the school and their classrooms. 
  • Teachers award points for things such as showing school values, staying on task, reading at home etc.  
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  • Nonurgent messages can be sent using ClassDojo, however messages are not monitored and can be delayed. Therefore, the use of this service is discouraged. 
  • Messages allow teachers and families to connect with each other. 
  • Teachers are not obliged to respond to messages sent via this platform.
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