Our Four Legged Friends

Noah and Linda

Noah is our school dog. He is a much loved cockapoo! He has been a member of our team since he was eight weeks old, arriving in November 2015.

He walks with staff and children who are feeling anxious, upset or simply need some time out of the classroom. He spends time walking around school, often seeking out those who need him. Noah welcomes visitors to the school spending most of his time with Mrs Hopley, Mrs Davies and Mrs Edgeley. He is known to bark at a passing animal letting them know they should not be on school grounds, more often than not it is a pigeon!

Linda is our school rabbit, she is an albino lionhead and extremely fluffy! Linda is a much loved member of the team and has been with us since the summer of 2021. Linda spends her days busily foraging in her cage or spends time in class. Linda is always on hand to lend a paw whenever someone needs support.