Knowledge Organisers - Summer

Summer Term

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers are a way of supporting pupils, by presenting them with important information about a specific unit or topic that they are covering in class. Here at Over Hall we have been busily creating our own organisers, which the pupils will have copies of in school. 

Below, you will find copies of all the knowledge organisers that we will be sharing this term. They will support you in talking to your child about their learning and will also give you a clear undertanding of how concepts are presented to the children.

Please see attached the Early Years to Key Stage 1 Bridge. This highlights how our learning in Reception will support your child's learning in Year 1.

Below you will find an electronic version of Reception's thematic knowledge organiser. Please see our classroom door to see a larger copy of this knowledge organiser. You will also get a copy sent home each half term.

Prior Learning:

Visit the Autumn & Spring tab to read about prior learning. 


Files to Download