6th October 2023

Date: 6th Oct 2023 @ 1:49pm

25th September - 6th October 2023

Find out from your child about our week, here are some great questions to ask...

  • Who made you laugh today?
  • Did you listen to a story
  • Did you sing any nursery rhymes?
  • Have you played with someone new this week?
  • What are you proud of today?

We ended our week with a coffee morning where the children were able to share their self portrait and what makes them unique.

Have a go at singing 123, It's Good To Be Me at home. Click here

We have continued with our phonics by revisiting and learning /i/, /m/, /n/ and /d/. We also know helpful words I, go, to and the. Use the link below to find out more about phonics and how to use your child's phonic sheet at home to help their reading journey. Click here for phonics support.

We have explored families and who is in our family. Children have enjoyed drawing pictures of their families and sharing these with adults and friends. Next week, we will be making family trees.


In Monday's PE session, we started Ready, Set, Ride.  This aims to teach children to ride a bike from an early age. With activities which help children develop skills and confidence, starting with balance bikes, Ready Set Ride aims to empower children with a love of cycling. In our first session, we began with some games to help our co-ordination. 

Arlo 2.jpgHannah 1.jpgCharlie 2.jpg

Reception class have made their own Autumn book as we explore different signs of Autumn. So many of you have enjoyed collecting fallen leaves on your journey to school and spotting Autumal colours. Keep on sharing your Autumn finds on Tapestry. You could look out for...

-The days become shorter, with the sun setting earlier
-Leaves on the trees turn from green to red, orange, yellow and brown
-The leaves then fall off the trees and onto the ground
-The temperature is cooler and the mornings are mistier so they might have to wrap up warm with scarfs, jumpers etc
-Looking at frost as it gets colder

1.jpgDaisy 1.jpgMarci 1.jpg

In Maths we have been looking at AB patterns such as leave, acorn, leave, acorn. We then made our own patterns! Have a go at making your own patterns at home with toys, house hold objects like spoon, fork, spoon, fork. Please share any patterns you have made on Tapestry!

Teddy 1.jpgPatterns 1.jpg

Next week, to carry on our Home Sweet Home topic, next week we will be looking at different types of house and locating our school and houses on a map. If you could send a picture of the outside of your house for your child to share that would be great. 

Thank you for all your support!

The Reception Team