22nd September 2023

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 8:00am

18th September - 22nd September 2023

Another great week in Reception class which started with a lovely stay and play. Please see on dojo or on our class door for our upcoming coffee morning and autumn stay and play dates. 

We have continued with our phonics by revisiting and learning /s/, /a/, /t/ and /p/. We also know helpful words I and go. Use the link below to find out more about phonics and how to use your child's phonic sheet at home to help their reading journey. Click here for phonics support.

This week as part of our Home Sweet Home topic, we have been exploring what is special to us and how we celebrate these occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Christenings. Thank you for sending in pictures. The children loved talking about their photo and asking others about theirs. We looked at the photographs of us celebrating special events to us and photographs of Rosh Hashanah and discussed how everyone celebrates differently and has special events. 


We look at the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) and some of the tradditional celebrations. Some children made their own Rosh Hashanah cards to say Shana Tovah - Happy New Year. We learnt that eating apples and honey was a symbol for a sweet new year to come. We tried some apples dipped in honey for our snack, it was a big hit! Together, we learnt a song called Dip The Apple In The Honey Click the link to have a go at home!

IMG_7087.jpegIMG_7078 (1).jpegIMG_7090.jpeg 

Next week, we are continuing with our Home Sweet Home topic and looking at families and people who help us. If you, or a relative are able to send in a picture of your/their job or come in to briefly speak with the children that would be great. 

We look forward to another great week next week.

The Reception Team