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Welcome to Over Hall Community School!

Our school day starts with a smile, a hand shake and follows on with ...


Key Stage 1                                                          Key Stage 2

8:50 Morning handshake- doors open                   8:50 Start of day - doors open

9:15-9:30 Assembly*                                              9:15-9:30 Assembly* 

9:30 - 10:00 Phonics                                              9:30 - 10:40 Lessons

10:00-10:15 Playtime                                             10:40-10:55 Playtime

10:15- 12:00 Lessons                                             10:55- 12:00 Lessons   

12:00-1:00 Lunchtime                                             12:00-12:45 Lunchtime

1:00-2:15 Lessons                                                  12:45-1.55 Lessons

2:15-2:30 Playtime                                                 1.55-2.10 Playtime

2:30-3:00 Lessons                                                 2:10-3:00 Lessons

3:00-3:15 Share a story                                         3:00-3:15 Share a story

3:15 Share our values outside of school!              3:15 Share our values outside of school!  

*Class Assembly 'My Happy Mind' on Monday; Whole School Equal Opportunities Assembly on Wednesday; Key Stage Assembly on Thursday -  9:15-9:30; Celebration Assembly on Friday 2:30pm

The school grounds

Over Hall Community School, built in 1976, enjoys its substantial grounds which are also accessible to local residents and available for use by local community sports teams. 

The playground provides a safe yet interesting area for the children to play, learn and enjoy. A perfect place for parents and children to gather at the start and the end of the school day. Children have the benefit of floor markings used in lessons and in play, a climbing wall, trim trail, alongside a wooden castle and train. Seated areas provide places for the children to sit and relax.

Towards the main field we have the school garden area where children enjoy growing plants, fruits and vegetables. A bench is provided dedicated in the memory of our much loved member of staff, Miss Kachra. It is upon this bench adults and children are able to sit and reflect upon changes within our lives.


Main entrance & Admin Office


I like our entrance hall as it is peaceful and very welcoming and friendly.  Year 5 child.

The hall

School kitchen

Upper Key Stage 2

When children are in upper Key Stage 2, they begin to take on much wider whole school responsibilities.  This includes leading the school council, representing the school in Winsford pupil forums, and taking part in whole school self evaluation activities. Children enjoy being part of projects that look at what we can do to make our school an even better place to be. Day to day, children in these classes take on addtional roles such as door monitors and lunchtime monitors as well as training as Phys Kids play leaders. 

We share an area in the main building and are now exploring the new National Curriculum together. One part of this is our focus on employability. We are building up relationships with different industries so that we can think about how our learning impacts our lives beyond school. 

We also get to take part in various trips throughout the school year including residentials 

Lower Key Stage 2

Our classrooms

In our classes we work hard to complete our tasks and find ways to extend our learning even further. There are some fantastic, bright displays giving us information and showing off our great work. Children receive rewards for effort and positive attitudes - we love to receive these and celebrate this every Monday!  It is very important to include everyone but we are lucky enough to have places in our school for times when we want to work on our own or in small groups.

Foundation Stage 2

Key Stage 1

Learning can be so much fun in KS1! Learning through playing games, hands on tasks and writing in phonics, literacy, numeracy and topic, using items such as lego, playdough and foam to help with tasks. Also getting opportunities to extend our own learning. We are encouraged to read and know how well we are doing in class. Interventions are in place to meet individual needs aswell as opportunities to working as a whole class, small groups, pairs and independently. We believe in ourselves to achieve the best we can and inspire others around us.

KS2 help us at lunchtime to play games through Phys Kids. There is lots to do outside including a climbing wall and a trimtrail. A first aider is always available incase we have a bump whilst playing with our friends!

KS1 have lovely, stimulating displays to support learning and to show off our great work! If we do our best we earn stickers, pebbles for treat, star of the week, class leader or even silver and gold awards! We are happy to come to school and look forward to joining in with after school clubs like dance and change for life. If we have stayed off the traffic lights we end the week with golden time.

Sometimes we are having so much fun we forget we are learning!

All sorts - Before & After school provision

Allsorts Before & After School Club

Opening times -

Breakfast 8.00 - 8.50 - £3.00

After school 3.15 - 4.00, including a snack - £4.00

After school 3.15 - 4.30 £9.00



More information and forms can be found on the Allsort link, or please contact Miss Roach in school. 


Sensory Room

Our new sensory room was installed during the summer of 2016. It is an exciting new addition to the school, where children will have the opportunity to experience the theraputic nature of the room.  

It is a great space where all of our children will have the chance to improve their emotional welbeing and therefore thrive in their education..

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