School Council

Welcome to Over Hall's School Council page

We are the School Council.

At the start of the academic year, each class elects two class representatives to share their views and feedback important information. The Year 6 children have the opportunity to apply to become a council board member and the whole school get to take part in voting.

This years board members are:


Chair: Saffi

Vice-Chair: Krish

Secretary: Lilly-May

Treasurer: Jacob


The School Council represent the children's voice, giving all pupils at Over Hall the chance to share their ideas and have a say. We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school to become even more effective and demonstrate our values at every opportunity.

Last year, the School Council analysed the feedback of pupils and staff and actioned improvements including the implementation of a house system. We raised money to improve the equipment available for the children during playtimes which included sports and gym equipment and the installation of cycle and scooter racks to encourage our children to ride to school.

This year the School Council will focus on the Environment within our school, our community aswell as worldwide. We will be exploring ways we, our town and the individuals within it, can help to reduce waste and save energy by increasing our recycling opportunities and learning new ways to reuse. We hope to work closely with our families and develop links with local companies to engage in learning opportunities and environmental improvements. This links closely with our curriculum and interests within the classroom.




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