The importance of home learning

We recognise the importance of home learning. It can be an opportunity to extend learning and develop creative ways of sharing what we know. In many class areas, you will see a display of outstanding homework. This is an ongoing display so that we can add pieces of outstanding work as they are completed. Children can be inspired by these examples of work .

The work displayed shows the high standards we expect from our children in terms of presentation, content and extending their own learning.

By completing a weekly home learning task children will improve their thinking and memory skills; develop positive study skills and habits; take more responsibility for and leadership of their learning; review and practice what has been covered in class; get ready for future learning in class; use libraries, reference materials, and web sites to find information; explore subjects more fully than classroom time permits; extend learning by applying skills to new situations; be able to show parents more about what they are learning in school; and above all, be able to communicate about what they are learning. As a school we explore every opportunity to encourage a positive approach to learning at home and school. Thus it is important we celebrate the success and achievement.

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