Sensory Circuits

Over Hall Sensory Circuits


At Over Hall School we run a programme for a group of KS1 and KS2 children called Sensory Circuits. This daily programme is specifically designed to encourage physical activity that can enable children to focus on their learning and start their day positively. Each child will listen to, sort and process information and instructions in an environment that is fun whilst developing socially and emotionally.  
At 9am, a pre-selected group of children will enter the hall and start the alerting activities. This is designed to prepare the children for their learning by listening to and following instructions. The children start with a gentle jog and then follow instructions such as jump, change direction or hop. 
We then move onto organising activities which are designed to help the children organise their bodies, enabling them to increase their focus and attention Thus is often with a skill in mind, such as dribbling, aiming, climbing or balancing.  
During the last 5 minutes, the children take part in calming activities. This includes packing away the equipment and moving onto meditation movements to calm their minds and heart rate. This is led by an adult, with children demonstrating their Tai Chi skills weekly. These calming activities allow children to return to the classroom calm and ready to learn.

Parental Feedback:

“Sensory Circuits are my child’s favourite part of the day”

“The activities help my child to focus and start each day positively.”


Student Feedback:

“I couldn’t skip before I started sensory circuits. Now I am really good at it.”

“I wake up early and get ready because a love doing sensory circuits.”

“I’m good at dribbling the ball now.”

“It’s the best bit of my day.”


Staff Feedback:

“I am a huge supporter of sensory circuits and the opportunities it provides for the children in my class.”

“A brilliant way for both of the children in my class to start the day. They come back calm and focussed."

“I have noticed improvements in confidence and enthusiasm." 

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