The Mathematics Lead at Over Hall is Mr Thorburn. If you have any questions regarding maths, please speak with class teacher or Mr Thorburn.


At Over Hall we teach for mastery in mathematics. This means that children will have a deep and lasting understanding and are able to make connections and master the skills taught progressing to more advanced material. 




  • All children will be challenged and stretched moving through fluency, to varied fluency and arriving at reasoning and problem solving showing a mastery approach.
  • To provide progression that captures children’s inquisitiveness around the subject allowing children to develop resilience and enjoyment in mathematics.
  • To know when to apply effective mental methods showing an understanding of mathematical relationships between numbers and patterns. 




  • Staff will show a passion for mathematics demonstrating expert knowledge, understanding and teaching of skills in their year group.
  • Children will have support from staff, some with further adult support, to ensure that all children are being challenged at their ability. Intervention sessions will be used as and when required.
  • Coverage will be ensured by all staff following the progression of White Rose’s National Curriculum Progression as guidance and will be monitored by subject leaders and senior leaders.
  • Children will be start exploring all the key areas of mathematics with concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to provide a deep and sustainable understanding of mathematics.
  • Staff will assess children against the national curriculum objectives termly, judging children to be below, just below, expected standard or greater depth. Assessments will be informed from independent work in books alongside maths assessment tests. Y 2, 4 and 6 will undertake statutary assessments.
  • Assessments will inform planning and next steps for children, whilst being monitored by subject leaders. Staff will be given opportunities to moderate their books in partnership with WEP schools from across the town. 
  • Staff will be provided with recourses and training from maths specialists to ensure their own professional development is being met to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and teaching of skills.




The teaching a mastery approach at Over Hall ensures that children are given the opportunity to show a deep and long-lasting understanding in mathematics. Children will enjoy being fluent in the key areas of mathematics applying their learning to increasingly challenging problems. Children who master the key concepts in mathematics will meet the national expected standard with some children progressing towards greater depth.






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