Adrift at Over Hall

ADRIFT Curriculum Project  - Spring Term

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with a number of school across Cheshire under the guidance and support of IGNITE Teaching School Alliance and Action Transport Theatre on a whole school project ADRIFT.

Vision for ADRIFT

The aim of the project is to create 'hope' for our children, in a world of ever changing challenges.

Through the work that we do children will be able to

  • develop a greater understanding of the world and where those  who have been displaced from their homes come from
  • gain secure geographical knowledge in the context of a human experience
  • explore the  concept of ‘Home’
  • form their own views of the world based on fact
  • understand why prejudices may occur
  • (where appropriate) question things they may read, see or hear in the media.
  • engage in conversations with their families, helping to pivot perceptions and break down stereotypes.
  • be empowered to turn their empathy into action and believe that  they can make a difference in the world.  


Each year group will be using a focus text to help support their understanding of the lives of refugees. They are as follows: 


As well as this, enrichment activities will encompass a wide range of Adrift themed activities, to further engage the pupils and help to develop their understanding. These activities include:

  • Sculpture - Creating shoe sculptures based around the theme of 'journeys'. 
  • Textiles - Using stitching and applique to create a 'blanket of hope'. 
  • British Parliament - Understanding the rights of a child and how we can turn empathy into action. 
  • Musical Symphonic Art - Exploring the lives and music of refugees.
  • Human rights and Water - Learning about the rights that we all should have, to live happy and healthy lives. 
  • Cooking from Different Cultures - Exploring lands that characters from our stories have had to flee, and creating food based around that culture.  

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