Active Pledge

Over Hall are delighted to announce that we have now taken the Active Cheshire Active Kids Pledge. 

Alongside the Active Cheshire Team, Over Hall have taken the pledge to get our children and adults more active. The progress made so far has been fantastic and we have now received our pledge certifcate. 

In the next stage of our Active Pledge, we will work alongside the Active Cheshire Team to develop an active plan and work towards achieving those goals. Here is a timeline of the wonderful progress made so far...

-Over Hall take the Pledge

- Start a conversation with pupils and parents

- Trial 'Smile for a Mile' for a 2 week period

- Introduce more active 'wake ups'

- By September 2018, fully embed 'Smile for a Mile'

- Deliver training and expand Phys Kids. 

Our next steps will include an Active Pledge Coffee Morning for parents and careers to recognise the positive impact that the pledge is having for all at Over Hall. 


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